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SITE5     ( Last up dated on 01/27/2013 )

Site5 has partnered with The Planet to provide the best possible server infrastructure for our clients. From their webpage:
  • Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure
  • Industry-leading network bandwidth capacity: 250+ gigabits/second
  • Multiple layers of network security
  • Centralized network monitoring in the Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Multiple concurrent, high-capacity Tier 1 bandwidth providers
  • Network POPs across 5 cities and 2 continents
  • Optional Content Delivery Network with 13 distribution nodes located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia

DDoS Attack Response

Once a DDOS attack is detected and confirmed by The Planet's Network Operations Center, the affected traffic is routed through a DDoS Mitigation Service. This filters out the attack traffic and allows the legitimate traffic to continue to its original destination. When the attack has subsided, the original direct path between the destination and the rest of the Internet is restored.

No Overloaded Servers: High-end servers, low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat

Our current hosting philosophy is based on guaranteed performance. While other hosts may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, we have used our years of experience and the technical analysis performed by our technical gurus to determine exactly how many accounts we should be putting on any given server. In addition, we are continually upgrading our hardware platforms to be among the best in the industry.
Each top-of-the-line server we now use could easily handle an insane number of clients, but we still keep the numbers low. It helps us sleep easier at night.


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SIT5 offers green hosting .

Web hosting
Shared Hosting.........starting at $4.95/mo.
Shared Cloud Hosting.......starting at $22.50/mo.
Reseller Hosting..
Reseller shared hosting.........starting at $23.95/mo.
Reseller cloud hosting........... starting at $50/mo
Virtual Servers...........starting at $50/mo.
Cloud VPS Hosting.....starting at $100/mo.

Web hosting includes following features ;

Choose your hosting location : US, Canada, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, India, and Brazil

FREE Domain name.
FREE site Migration
45Days money back guarantee.
Try Site5 RISK FREE for a month.
No overloaded servers.
No outsourced support.
IN house developers and engineers.
Safe harbor certified.


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