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LIVEDRIVE  ( Last updated on 01/08/2015 )

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Cloud Storage for Everyone.

Founded in : 2008
Situated at : London, UK
Number of paying customers : 500,000

Basic features :

Store and access your files, photos, music, videos and other digital contents.
Don't store your files on your PC, store them on LIVEDRIVE instead.
LIVEDRIVE is your personal storage space on internet. It's unlimited, secure and there forever.
LIVEDRIVE products grow with your needs.
Backup your computer , sync files across your computers, and access your files from the web.
Acess files from any web browser.
Acess files from your mobile.
Edit files from your web browser.
Send files to your favorite networks.
Acess up to 30 previous versions of any file.
Restore deleted files.
Stream your music and movies straight from LIVEDRIVE.
Share files with friends and families.
Email files to your LIVEDRIVE account and it will get up loaded in to your Briefcase.
Back up NAS devices and network storage.
Locan network transfers.
100% safe and secure.
Outstanding support.

Services and Products offered:

For Home :

Back up - $6/mo
Briefcase - $12/mo
Pro Suite - $19/mo

For Business : Starting  $37/mo

Reseller Package : $59.95/mo ... 1 Month contract.

Contact and Support :

Physical address : Provided.
Telephone numbers : Provided.
Email addresses : Provided.
Fax numbers : NA
Contact form : Provided through control panel.

Current Promotion Offers :

Livedrive offer truly unlimited online storage space, allowing you to backup your files quickly and easily. Start your free 14 day trial.

Livedrive Cloud Storage
Compiled by : Sudhir Jain

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